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Spark 2D

Responsive website & blog

ui/ux design & development

Spark2d is a digital consulting company that wanted to renew its digital presence in a clean and innovative way. I've created the company's website and blog, based on the values they wanted to communicate to its public: digital expertise, and a disruptive approach to business models.

The website was designed on a mobile-first approach and all the interactions were carefully adapted to touch-screen devices. This component was especially important due to the values of the company, based on innovation and technological expertise.

Homepage responsive views

Subtle animations on svg illustrations and on micro-interactions were an important part of the project. These elements were added to offer a surprise element to the website visitors.

Homepage css animations

This project was been developed from scratch and is integrated with wordpress for content management. It includes a blog page and a team section where the company can post job offers and add team members to a list.

The site homepage has suffered some changes since its first version, considering that the overall content is editable by the administrator, but you can still can check the online website and blog at http://spark2d.com .

If you've enjoyed this project and would like me to help you create and setting up a clean web site with some cool interactions on it, you can leave me a message , or contact me on linkedin .

Use the slider to toggle between site pages
Use the slider to toggle between site pages
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