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Van Blog

Agency blog

ui/ux design & development

Van Blog is a Digital Marketing blog focused on social networks and digital communication. This platform is also an important medium for the company to communicate with their public and a tool for acquiring potential client leads.

I've designed and developed the agency website and blog as a part of this project. If you want to know more details about the global website design, you can check out the previous project .

Blog home main view

The blog main section shoes the visitant a slider with the featured articles for the week. That way the sporadic reader is instantly presented with the most relevant articles at the time, without having to browse through the page.

As we've defined the newsletter subscription action as a primary goal for the website, the newsletter sign up form is clearly visible in the blog main view, and readers will be later presented with a new register suggestion when scrolling through the website.

Blog home scroll view

Visitors can visit the agency social media networks by using the links always visible in the site top bar and can also share individual articles directly from the blog home. I wanted the dynamic between the blog and social networks to be fluid.

Van also has a podcast about digital marketing, and they can upload podcast episodes to the website that are displayed on a custom player, at the bottom of the blog homepage (image 2 of the gallery below).

1 - homepage articles interaction; 2 - home podcast section; 3 - mobile home views

Social networks sharing links are available on the article page, at the beginning and at the end of the article. Readers will eventually be presented with a slide up box offering a file download in trade of a newsletter subscription. Some suggested articles are displayed at the bottom of the page.

Article page

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